Show Tonight at the Yippie Museum!
The Fiction Circus "Blue Team" will be performing a show tonight in New York City -- on lovely Manhattan Island -- at the Yippie Museum in the Lower East Side at 9 Bleecker St.

The show starts at 7:30 pee-emm, and runs to 10 pee-emm. If you arrive at the Yippie Museum within that time window, you will be able to see live fiction, accompanied by music and art, fueled by rage, dedicated to evil, and consecrated by ACTUAL HUMAN blood.

If you sit close to the performers, they will fling sweat on you like at a real rock show. Tonight's lineup includes work by Chavisa Woods, Goodman Carter, and Xerxes Verdammt, in addition to social experiments performed by Dr. Stephen Future.

This show will include:

-- Candid exploration of florid sexual deviance using live blow-up dolls
-- A laser harp
-- A "street fight" between experts in Jeet Kun Do and capoeira to finally settle which discipline is more street
-- Free steaks for the first five attendees
-- Free liquor all night long
-- A "crash tent" for drug casualties, featuring life advice from television's Leonard Nimoy
-- A live performance of all of shakespeare's "Henry Plays" by theater androids constructed in MIT's famed Robot Lab
-- A weather machine
-- A seance
-- Free haircuts performed by television's Hulk Hogan
-- Registration for the Government's new Lifelong Free Health Care and Dentistry program (bring your ID!)
-- One murder of someone you love
-- One murder of someone you hate
-- Twelve microphone feedback errors
-- A giraffe wearing a scarf
-- Free hugs from television's Jenna Elfman
-- A primer in the pinnacres of our age's despair, deliver'd most excerrent and tru


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