The Fiction Circus Gold Team and "Seed" Release Party at Beerland TONIGHT!
AUSTINITES! Remember when evil New York publishers ripped the Fiction Circus out of your loving arms? It was two cold years ago, before the doctor put you on the medication that makes it hard for you to feel things now. Remember how you sobbed and begged for mercy? How you repented in sackcloth and ashes, cursing your god? Well, your misery has come to an end. Prepare yourself for a joyous reunion!

The Fiction Circus is back in Texas and playing a show at Beerland in Austin tonight at 7:30 PM. The address is 711 Red River St. on the corner of Red River and East 7th St.

A noted Parisian erotic cabaret group known for their local-community-standards-defying sexual magnetism is also on the bill at Beerland tonight. Olivier, a member of the aforementioned group known as Le Sexy -- whose sexual feats have been known to top those of Maldoror -- will be accompanying stories from Miracle Jones' short story collection "Seed" on piano. And speaking of "Seed," this is a release party for the physical manifestation of the concept so good that the Beatles ripped it off. There will also be a Fast Hitler contest.

Is that not enough to persuade you? Do you require more than The Fiction Circus generously provides? Then listen: do you have a special someone you want to be closer to around the holidays, but you lack funds to purchase a contraceptive device? We've got you covered. FREE CONDOMS! NO JOKE!

And birthday cake. Oh yes, there will be birthday cake, for it is also the birthday of one M. Jones. You may recognize him as an occasional contributor to this site. If you see him there lurking in the shadows, please remember to tip your hat and buy his dick.

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