It Starts in the Desert
I'm just going to slide this one over the table here for you to read.


If this doesn't break your heart and make you furious, we probably can't be friends anymore.

I understand all the economic factors at play. I understand all the possible solutions, fixes, challenges, and opportunities this presents for new publishing models. Giant bookstores are doomed, obviously.

But sit with this for a minute. Try to imagine being 14-years-old, a voracious reader, and seeing the only bookstore for 150 miles disappear for no good reason.

Sure, there's Amazon, ereaders, the internet, Powell's, the Espresso Book Machine, and maybe even better local bookstores that will pop up to service this market.

But fucking hell.

This is no good.

Posted by miracle on Sun, 24 Jan 2010 13:25:18 -0500 -- permanent link

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