Our Submission Process Has Changed
We got an email the other day from the guys at SubmishMash.

"We've completely revolutionized your submissions process," they said. "Everything is much more convenient, easy to track, timely, and futuristic. Everything is more efficient in the future."

"But," we said. "The future — it terrifies any sane man."

"There's no time for that," said the guys at SubmishMash. "You don't have a choice. Everything has been done for you. We have to go. We're building a cure for cancer out of steel."

And so our submissions process has now changed, and includes a fancy-dan account-driven submissions manager. If you've already sent in work using the old process, we'll still read it normally, but BEWARE: everything that comes in after that date had better use the new process, or else! It's the future! You can't escape it!

Beware! BEWARE!

Posted by future on Fri, 02 Apr 2010 20:58:08 -0500 -- permanent link

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