Our Historic Slash Fiction Contest Begins
Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Every month (starting with this month), we are going to have a good old fashioned slash fiction contest, like how they used to do it down home on the ranch.

We want to get this shit GOOD, alright? We are tired of slash fiction that is grammatically fucked all to hell, that isn't interesting or sexy or thrilling, and that doesn't push any boundaries in ways that stay pushed.

So what does this mean? WELL. By many accounts, we are a literary magazine, so I think you will agree that this is a first for everyone. The world of slash meets the world of literature? Slash/Literature?

We want to publish the best slash fiction we can generate because we know people like to read it, and anything people like to read ought to have critical standards. We want the BEST. The BEST, DAMMIT.

Since we are going to do this once a month, we are going to focus on the writing itself as opposed to the obsession you may have for an individual celebrity or fictional character.

For that reason, we are going to call the shots a little bit here.

For our first month, we are going to merge the worlds of Beatrix Potter and C.S. Lewis. For your slash (it can also be femmeslash), you've got to pick someone from the Beatrix Potter universe and someone from the C.S. Lewis universe, and merge their relationship in a way that makes sense to you.


EXAMPLE: Mr. Tumnus looked up from his tea and cake, and saw a group of rabbits making their way through the dwindling light of the forest evening. The youngest one caught his eye and made him pause between bites of his crumpet.

"Wait up, Flopsy!" said this youngest rabbit to her sisters. "You'll leave me behind in this dark forest!"


2000 words or less

Attach your story to an email or paste it into the body of the text of your email. MUST BE IN WORD FORMAT.

All standard Fiction Circus submissions guidelines apply.

Send your May Contest Submissions to: [email protected]


We still don't have any money, so we can't pay you. We are working on it, we are working on it...

What we WILL do is illustrate the winner in the most loving and impressive way we can (maybe even sexy photos if appropriate). We will also record the story for your listening pleasure, and make it available to everyone in the world for free, right next to the rest of our available literary offerings.

No writers have ever had any animus about getting their shit published in Playboy, and we figure they won't have any animus with getting their shit published next to our hard-working slash winners.

Good luck, everyone! And remember: be as dirty and horrible as you want to be. But also write it WELL.


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