May Show Recap
Hey! It was a pretty good show we did for you guys last night. It was an ugly, rainy, bullshit night, but you guys showed up anyway, and you drank enough and clapped enough to make us feel you in our hearts.

Dr. Future read a story called "The Apotheosis of Tommy Clay," about a selfish, vain little man who needs help from everyone he meets. I read a story called "Book Lover" about a criminal who is forced to mend his ways when he meets a pair of book-loving cripples. And John Fowora read his story "Swing for the Fences," about a black serial killer who can't get taken seriously as a serial killer because he's black. Carter did songs. Verdammt did art.

Afterwards, Future and Verdammt disappeared, and Fowora, Carter, and I ended up watching angry girls pole-dance at a Manhattan honky-tonk where we systematically beat everyone there at pool and drank two-dollar beers until the sun came up.

Most New Yorkers AGGRESSIVELY suck at pool, but Fowora knows the angles. Next time, we play for money.

As always, as always: who fucking knows what happened to Bill Chapters?


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