NEW STORY: "Operation Atlas," by Sharon Kwik
Today, talls and smalls, we've got an excellent story for you about immigrants. You know the type.

Man, who even knows what it says on that damned old Statue of Liberty? I guess I could look it up, but I'm an American citizen -- BORN AND BREADED -- so really, whatever it says there is in my blood, like parasites and red. I can channel it, like lightning from a rood.

So here's what I THINK it says:

"How about this deal, world? We know you are all trying to run nice, clean countries with safe values and dependable cultural habits. You want your countries to have people who look the same, who worship the same way, who have the same politics, and who have the same vision of the future. That's YOUR thing. It's fucking hard to do that, and we understand and sympathize. So what we want are your extras."


"See, we know you are going to have troublemakers. Jackasses. People you can't feed. People who sit around all day long, being mad. People with dumb religions and people with big mouths. DON'T KILL THEM. Send them here. We will take them. We have things for them to do. Your jackasses will love it here: we have guns, porn, liquor, electricity, basketball, and Ramen! You guys go ahead and pick teams, and we'll take everyone else, alright? Alright? Hey, you're welcome!"

Anyway, this story is about immigrants, today. People who like a fight. People who like this fucking place. People who want to stay.


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