Show Thursday Night at "The Production Lounge!"
The Fiction Circus will be playing at "The Production Lounge" in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Thursday, December 4th at 9 PM.

We will be one of many acts featured as part of a "variety" experience, participating in something called "The Kyle and Cleo Show."

You will need to take the G Train to get to Greenpoint, and the address of "The Production Lounge" is 113 Franklin St. After the show, there will be a dance party.

Other artists featured this night include:

Comedian Emmy Rivera

and Singer / Songwriter Dizzy Spells Martian

From the website (sic):

So what is "The Production Lounge" all about you ask?

"It's a place were you can sit back and relax. Enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat, or just some coffee and desert and at any given time you can watch various types of entertainment going on from auditions and rehearsals, to modeling shoots and workshops. Open mic nights and jam sessions to poetry readings and scene study classes.

And best of all, it will be all live and the cameras will be rolling while you watch!

The production lounge in the creative idea of writer/producer/director, Joe Ariola and along with his partners have built a production staging area in the center of the lounge. Surrounded by crystal chandeliers, TV monitors, tables and chairs. The staging area comes equipped with stage and camera lights, color jells, a PA system, projection screen and much more.

It is over looked by a second level VIP theater balcony equipped with bottle service.

It also a great place to screen your film and have your wrap party! Your film can be projected on to the big screen as well as the TV monitors in the lounge area.

So stop by and bring your bio and head shot and say hello."


The show will be free, but I am certain it will take its toll anyway. You should come and give us support.

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