Secret Show In Brooklyn Last Night; Sorry You Couldn't Make It
The Fiction Circus played a secret show last night in Brooklyn at Freddy's Back Room. Despite its being a secret show, it was also one of our best-attended and most-responsive performances ever. We can only conclude that you, our New York-based audience, do not love us enough, which is okay because after all that is what fiction is all about.

I'm only joking; we know you love us! We can all still be friends! :)

About the show itself: Miracle Jones read "Yes, We Have Those," a Fiction Circus classic about sex and modern industrial design; Goodman Carter played a terrifying song about Scotland using, once again, his harp of pure light; I read a story about crime and futility on the fast-paced streets of Mute City. Other acts included roller-skating Blue, the musical stylings of Dizzy Spells Martian, and a mysterious Greek man who resembled James Joyce and who played his "bouzooka." After the show, some of us bought sandwiches at a gas station/bodega that was suggested to us as a delicious diner by the helpful and friendly Greek. They would give you mustard on your sandwich, even if you did not ask for it; that is just the kind of service this place had.

If you would like to see more secret shows by the Fiction Circus, your best options are: (1) become our friends, (2) stalk us on the basis of clues we unwittingly, perhaps even subconsciously drop into our articles and reviews, or (3) haunt the cheap bars and restaurants of Brooklyn every night, ever drinking, ever moving onward, ever losing hope as your hair falls out and your beard grows in and turns white, until one day you will set your beer down and you will look up and your heart will spill over and a crack under the door to the stage will fill with light, and you will hear the sound of the angels crying to you, and it will be a man playing a laser harp and a rhythm box, and he will welcome you home.

If you would like to see more non-secret shows by the Fiction Circus, there is one on the 26th of this month at the Stain Bar in Brooklyn.

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