Tonite = Live Fiction Show
So there you are, turning all your stale bread into toast, holding onto dimes now in addition to quarters, using your iPod to heat your hands now that your landlord has cut off your heat because it is no longer "winter."

Where can you go to get rid of the pain? The despair? The frustration?


It's a free show. Beers at Stain are cheap as hell. You'll probably meet somebody at our show that you want to have sex with, and you'll even have something to talk about afterward: a common traumatic experience!

The Fiction Circus!

P.S. Despite his earlier email interest and indignation, Todd Zuniga from Opium Magazine will now NOT be attending tonight's show to answer to challenges that his magazine is weak tea for snobs and princesses. The dude wrote me an email with three full excuses, which as we all know is the magic "fear" number. He has a pinched nerve, he is going to China, and he has to get his new magazine printed up by Monday.

It's okay, Todd. We will meet again, some sunny day.

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