How to Hack a Kindle to Read Other Ebooks Using
A year ago, this guy Igor Skochinsky developed a way to hack the Kindle so that owners could read MobiPocket books on the Kindle purchased from sites like "Fictionwise" and "Ereader," in addition to reading ebooks checked out from libraries.

The Python scripts necessary to do this have been available on his website "Reversing Everything" since December 12th, 2007, but when people began posting links to his scripts on the MobileRead ebook forum, Amazon sent MobileRead a letter saying that they were violating copyright by linking to his files.

From MobileRead:

"...this week we received a DMCA take-down notice from Amazon requesting the removal of the tool and instructions for it. Although we never hosted this tool (contrary to their claim), nor believe that this tool is used to remove technological measures (contrary to their claim), we decided, due to the vagueness of the DMCA law and our intention to remain in good relation with Amazon, to voluntarily follow their request and remove links and detailed instructions related to it.' Ironically, the purpose of the script is to make the Kindle more useful to its users."

MobileRead then took down all material that linked to Skochinsky's scripts ("," and "") and blanked all information about how to operate them.


Here are Igor Skochinsky's Kindle Python scripts.

Here is how to use them.

Kindlepid pie, baby! Eat it!

Additionally, if you convert any book stolen from the Pirate Bay to a .txt file and mail it to your Kindle account, you will be able to read the shit out of it, as long as you don't mind reading a .txt file.

Another way to hack the Kindle includes throwing it against a brick wall over and over again until it busts, recording this act of frustration and rage for the internet, and then using the meager proceeds from your passing internet fame to buy a new netbook-sized tablet PC, which will allow you to read every ebook you could possibly want for free, in addition to being able to watch movies, surf the internet in color, and rescue the world from evil corporations by regularly posting controversial material to your blog.

Damn the consequences!

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