Will Serialize Cory Doctorow's "Makers" in 81 Parts as an Illustrated, Persistent Web Novel
Over the next six months, will be serializing Cory Doctorow's new novel "Makers" for free as 81 web breaks, each of which will be illustrated by a tile that connects to the other illustration tiles like snap blocks.

From the pitch by illustrators Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr:

"Each segment of the story will be illustrated by a square illustration that relates, at least in part, to the theme or content of that segment. While each illustration will function as a standalone "illustration," each one will will be drawn in such a way as to share common crossovers along all four sides, which means that any of the illustrations may be placed alongside any other illustration (and in any axial configuration) with guaranteed "crossovers." [These] will form a coherently-designed 8 x 9 grid of illustrations when the thing is fully assembled. There will be one "right" way for the illustrations to be assembled; in this configuration, an uber-illustration with visual coherence that stands as the "cover" of the Makers book will be revealed. However, the chunks can be recombined into a vast number of other [9 x 9] grids. Or it could be assembled into a [3 x 27] grid. Or it could be assembled as a [81]-panel horizontal "comic" Or it could be made into a sprawling, multi-tentacled beast of surprising crossovers that resembled a crossword puzzle in its grid-based unpredictably."

You can read the first break of "Makers" here, at The book will be updated three days a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I read the first part. I winced a lot. It was like reading Michael Crichton without his lurking malice, paranoia, or humanity. Like lobotomized Michael Crichton. But maybe this is the sort of writing you like to read or maybe you have never read any Cory Doctorow before and would like to check him out now.

If the name "Makers" sounds familiar to you, it is because "makers" are what the Fremen called sandworms in Frank Herbert's "Dune."

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