Lock Your Livejournal, Raymond E. Feist!
Fantasy author Raymond E. Feist is losing his shit online for all the world to see!

He recently ended a relationship with a much younger woman who was only interested in him for his money, and not -- in fact -- for his stunning prose. And now he won't stop writing about it on his author website.


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Though he dated the woman for almost a year, Feist claims to have been completely bamboozled by her romantic gestures, and the death of the affair has crippled him emotionally and as a writer, causing him to blog on and on about "the little liar" and how he would like to "punch her out" if he ever sees her again.

When famous, well-paid fiction writers break-up with men or women who are forty years younger than they are, their friends and publishers have a solemn duty to protect them in their vulnerable state and ban them from blogging about their relationship publicly.

Narrative may be how writers solve problems (unfortunately), but when it gets personal and vicious, the whole thing gets ugly, sad, and possibly libelous.

According to Feist, the woman in question lost her job as a result of this affair, and was "going after his kids" somehow, which has provided his justification for his endless, frothing rants. Is his "revenge" to use his prestige as a well-known fantasy writer, with fans and admirers all over the world, to condemn his ex-lover on the public stage?

If so, somebody fucking stop him before he gets sued and really does lose all his money!

He blames his "narrative mind" for the deception, arguing that he was manipulated as a writer, led by the woman to see an outcome of future sex and relations that she had no intention of providing:

"Now, the thing about being inclined to the narrative is that while it's a great gift to have if you're writing fiction (or a political PR spin doctor) it can be a bitch in your real life. For example, I'm cruising down the freeway minding my own business and my mind turns to something, let me say the little liar, and before I know it I'm pissed off again. Why? Because I didn't just have a passing recollection of her, but before I could stop I launched off in an entire movie in my head, complete with dialogue, sound effects, back ground music, and no popcorn."

Yes. That happens. It is called "regret." The movie is playing in your head so that you will learn from it before it turns into "remorse."

It is not the end of the world. It is not even the end of the Riftworld, Midkemia, or Krondor.

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