NEW STORY: "Farked," by Sam Starbuck
Today, we bring you the short story "Farked," by Mr. Sam Starbuck.

From the "Fan Fiction Dictionary":

"Sillyfic - A light piece of fan fiction which is rediculous (sic) and meant to amuse. A fic that is about Tyso and Stephen getting into some comical mishap is a sillyfic. Unlike fluff, Sillyfics often break canon rules or get OOC, but it is okay in the case of sillyfic, because the author intends to do this just to get a good laugh."

"Songfic - A fan fiction which is based on a song or includes a song. These fics can range from silly to very serious and heartbreaking. Many times a song fic will not include the song, but will have the lyrics at the end for the reader to infer how those lyrics reflect the character and situations."

Also from the "Fan Fiction Dictionary":

"Squick - Anything that upsets, disturbs, or grosses a person out is a squick. If something squicks you, it upsets and disgusts you. Some people are squicked by adultfic or other things."

So here's the deal: we spend all of our time on the internet these days. Good? Bad? Who cares?

This is our new reality and it needs stories about it. We all know how the internet works. We are learning all about the things you can do with it. How you can spread ideas and destroy lives. How you can be human in the cloud.

"Farked" might be the invention of a whole new kind of genre -- a genre with roots in both adventure narrative and espionage thriller.

"Farked" is an internet story. It is about how to make the internet do what you want. It is also about the mad, daily forces that shape the internet into the compelling and repulsive beast that threatens to consume us all day every day.

From the "Fark" wikipedia entry:

"Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. As of June 2009, the site boasts approximately four million unique visitors per month, which puts it among the top 100 English language websites. The site receives approximately 2,000 story submissions per day and approximately 50 of them are publicly displayed on the site."

Reading "Farked" will open your mind to the possibilities of narrative in the modern age. You have permission to follow Mr. Starbuck into the darkness of 4chan, Fark, somethingawful, livejournal, myspace, Facebook, twitter, and even rotten.

You have permission to "fuck shit up" in order to get people to read your work. For fiction. For fandom. For brittle imaginary universes that demand to be populated by living human minds.


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