NEW STORY: "Z and Q," by Krista Madsen
Today, we've got a new story up by Krista Madsen called "Z and Q."

The story is short, alright? Sometimes we like to get right to the point around here. And that means you should read it at least twice before you start acting like you know all about it.

In addition to owning a bar, Madsen is also a novelist, and you can get both her books (Degas Must Have Loved a Dancer, and Four Corners) all over the place, and so I guess you'd better.

In her bar (Stain on Grand Street in Brooklyn), you will find giant coins constructed out of sheet metal and scraps, a rollicking little piano, a whole bunch of wine for you winos and aspiring winos, board games, books, big soft pretzels, and DESTINY.


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