Ursula Le Guin is a Singular They

I read this interview, and it was like a good date. I bet she is a good writer of most excellent prose, or at least gets the job done.

And then I read this, about how "messages" are bullshit for fiction writers.

And then I read this about what makes a story work.

And then I read THIS, about how she got fucked over by TV and what that means.

Yo, I like this woman. I'm going to read her books now.

She has opinions that are mild and yet brutal!

She likes the "singular they"? I like the "singular they" too! Oh man, I LOVE the "singular they!" We should hang out; curse governments; spit on things; fucking eat some pizza; fucking discuss world affairs.

Here's where you say, shocked: you've NEVER read any Le Guin?

No! But I'm gonna!


Posted by miracle on Sun, 06 Apr 2008 15:34:09 -0400 -- permanent link

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