Passover Show Recap
We fucking rocked the Stain Bar last night.

We plowed through hearts and minds with stamina and glee, repeatedly and without mercy! That's how you get a lady or a fellow off, and that's how we got the WORLD off.

Here is the winning Fast Hitler from last night's show (a "Fast Hitler" is a picture of Hitler you draw in thirty seconds):

Congratulations, Stephanie!

And here is the winning Cowcatcher (a "Cowcatcher" is a short story that is EXACTLY fifty words long):

"They killed words, not how they do now -- from disuse -- but with razorblades and bats. They cut them out of throats, cracked them free from skulls. Words ran, sometimes, down alleys, through swamps, but they got them in the end. Small squirming things: you could fit them under a shoe."

Future read a story called "It's Easy" about getting a job and eating cheesecake. I read a porn story about Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. And John Fowora busted out his tale "Pteromyini" for the good people, a tale which you can read HERE.

After the show, we all ended up at some goddamn party in our neighborhood where everybody was about twelve years old. Fowora almost snapped some kid's neck who was wearing a bunch of Kalishnikov ammo around his waist for a belt and who said Fowora had too much "negative energy." I almost got into a fistfight about whether or not Dickens is still worth reading (he is). The ladies were pretty, though (ladies, you were pretty).

Once again, we lost sight of Bill Chapters early in the night, and his whereabouts are still unknown.


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